MyRecord provides you with online access to your dental information at Roger E. Pardon, D.D.S. office. The free service allows you to take an active role in your dental care and enjoy the convenience of many online features.

With an active MyRecord account you can:

  • View upcoming appointments and manage text message notifications
  • Edit Personal Information: Change your mailing address, email address, contact information and personal detail
  • View treatment plan
  • Add or update your insurance
  • Pay your bill online (Must be the guarantor of the account)
  • View your child’s or dependent’s dental information (authorization required)
  • Complete online forms prior to appointment.


MyRecord Profile

  • Patient Account Access, also known as “MyRecord” is a portal that allows patients to view account information, upcoming appointments, electronic payments, and more.
  • Patients can fill out online forms before their appointment instead of waiting to do so when they arrive at the office.
  • Each family will have a MyRecord account and will be able to update or change any personal information, insurance, payment types, etc.

How to Create a MyRecord Account

  1. Go to our website
  2. Click on my “MyRecord”
  3. Scroll down to Register Now, click “Sign Up”
  4. Create a Username and Password
    • Please refer below to learn more about your family account.
      • Only ONE family member needs to sign up for an account
      • Each family member will use the SAME username and password to login
        • If a family member does not want other members to view their dental or account information please give us a call at (630) 369-6000.
  5. Fill out Personal Information and click “Submit”
    • It takes up to 24 hours for our office to accept your account request.
    • Patients will receive an email verifying account access.

MyRecord Profile

Access MyRecord

  1. Visit our website
  2. Click “MyRecord” tab
  3. Enter Username and Password

Navigate MyRecord

  • Click on the following tabs to view your account information, future appointments, treatment plans and more.
  • Payment Information

    1. Click “Pay Now”
    2. Enter credit card information
      • Could take up to 24 hours to update

Online Forms

  1. Click Forms on the top header
  2. Select Patient Name: Click on your name
  3. Fill Out Forms listed
    • COVID-19:
    • Consent for MyRecord: sign once
    • Record Update: fill out once a year or if any information changes
    • Patients will only be able to view forms if they have a scheduled appointment.

Family File

  • Our system designates someone in the family as the “responsible party.” This person is referred to as the Head-of-Household (or Guarantor).
  • The first patient added to a family is automatically designated as the Head-of-Household
  • The insurance subscriber does not have to be the Head-of-Household in Dentrix.
  • Dentrix addresses all account correspondence (billing statements, letters, etc.) to the Head-ofHousehold.
  • Dentrix addresses all appointment correspondence (appointment reminders, etc.) to the individual patient.
  • You can enter multiple addresses for patients in the same family.

Create an Account for your Family

  • The head-of-household / guarantor should be the one to create the account for the entire family.
  • One account per family allows each member to have access to payment information and ledger (this person is typically the first patient added in our system or is the insurance holder)
  • If your child is over the age of 18 and is still under your insurance, that individual must give permission and sign a consent form to allow guardians to view dental information (treatment plan, payments, etc.)
  • If a family member prefers to have their own account or dental information private, please give us a call at (630) 369-6000.

Questions & Answers

Why am I not receiving an email confirmation?

  • Check with your spouse or the head of the household to see if they received the email.

What does the head of the household mean?

  • Typically, the head of the household or “guarantor” is the patient who was added into our office’s system first OR is the insurance holder. If you would like to change the head of the household please give our office a call.

I forgot my username and password:

  • Call our office and we will reset it for you.